Training Management supports personnel learning and development system management within a company. The platform allows the issuance of training programs in accordance with the company’s learning system. Through Training Management system, the employees will access, via personal profile, training sessions scheduled in order to develop the abilities needed to perform activities and to achieve new competencies.

  • Trainers’ profiles configuration with useful details and possibility to address further questions for trainees
  • Available details for each training program available on the platform with details regarding the trainer, the participants list, the status, the final test or any other information are needed
  • The training courses could be configured with the possibility to be retaken, to be completed without the obligation to answer to all the questions in the final test
  • Configuring the participants access to certain training sessions, notification regarding the training session to be completed and deadlines
  • The platform allows files’ upload in pdf, doc, ppt and video files format
  • Surveys’ issuance with automatic rank calculation
  • Notifications at the training session opening and reminders regarding the obligation to participate to training sessions
  • The possibility to keep training courses track for each participant
  • Centralized reports’ issuance per participant and per training session and data export
  • Access to training programs through the platform from anywhere via internet

Training programs integration on the platform will reduce the time needed to develop the employees, the access to the training programs and final tests being possible remote, irrespective of the trainee’s location

Human resources departments will have real time data regarding the completed training sessions, the tests results and will have the opportunity to follow at the individual and company level the situation regarding the developments programs.

Integration of the Training Management with the other human resources practices eliminate double records, offering the possibility to automatically transfer certain data, as training needs determined following the performance assessment directly in the training management application and in reverse, following the training sessions results, the efficiency of a program can be evaluated tracking the employee future evolution.

The flexibility in training sessions configuration increases the efficiency of the programs, that can be built based on the company’s particular needs.


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