Time Management Software

Time Management Software

Time Management is a software application that aims to manage the employees working time within an organization.
The time management is performed from the perspective of the implementation of a workflow for the approval of the timesheet, of the vacation solicitations, as well as from the perspective of the working time planning and tracking based on hour type (nightshifts, overtime, statutory holiday, etc.).
The application can be seen as an interface for data input linked with the payroll calculation software. However, the software it is much more than an interface and it gives time management a new perspective.


  • Configuration of the elements introduced through the timesheet
  • Configuration of the elements calculated based on the daily timesheet and on the calculation algorithm defined
  • Configuration of the timesheet template
  • Configuration of the vacation types or other leaves which is managed as a request flow
  • Configuration of the cost centers through cost center dimensions and attributed values to each dimension, when the attendance is managed at the cost center level
  • Defining working schedules with multiple configuration options

Access rights

  • Software access for the company’s employees by defining access roles – the access is allowed with PIN and password
  • The rights system is given by:
    • Roles – predefining the features available for each role
    • Access rights per employees sets, selected based on multiple criteria (organizational chart, hierarchy, personnel groups/categories)
  • Company’s employees are optional users of the system through which the attendance workflow is implemented, based on the personnel structure
  • In addition to the role operational structure is defined the role functional system, associated based on responsibility levels from attendance receipt up to data transfer for salary calculation

Day-to-day operations

  • Working time planning can be introduced in the application and the occupation degree could be compared daily or monthly
  • Attendance input in tabular format or through activity files
  • Activity file allows time input by detailed tasks, with time selection (hours) for each, and activity description
  • Timesheets can be kept by cost centers, time being introduced in the activity file by cost center
  • Vacation request; can be initiated by the employee or another upper level user
  • The vacation request can be approved/denied by the employee’s manager or another upper level user
  • Control actions at the timesheet level:
    • timesheet submission – the timesheet is transferred for approval to the upper level
    • timesheet take over, – timesheet is taken over from an inferior level
    • timesheet return – timesheet is sent back to the lower level for changes, with a note (comment) attached


  • The main report of the application is the timesheet; there are multiple available versions for the configuration of the timesheet
    • Generated in .XLS and .PDF file format
    • Cell and totals template configuration
    • Grouping levels configuration
    • The group issuance mode configuration: in the same file, in new file or in new excel worksheet
    • The timesheet can be issued monthly or periodically
  • Multiple reports can be defined, depending on the implementation specific, as:
    • Employees activity sheets
    • Summary of the hours worked hours per cost centers
    • Employees’ vacation register

Other functionalities


The system sends automatic notifications that will be transmitted via e-mail in relation with certain actions predefined from the system. For example:

  • At the initiation of a holiday request the manager is notified
  • At the holiday request approval/rejection the employee is notified
  • At the timesheet take over from the final user, the final user is notified

Manual notification could be sent between the system users, depending on the different roles that the users detain.

Timesheet versions comparator

At the timesheet submission to the next level a new timesheet version is created, if the data have been modified. The timesheet version comparison function allows tracking the operation level at which the data were modified.

Requests audit

The initiation, approval, denial or the modifications of a vacation request are audited and their history can be visualized.

Timesheet validation

The system contains predefined validation rules as per the Labour legislation. Validation rules:

  • The monthly timesheet is incomplete, in comparison with the employee’s schedule
  • Overtime performed by employees under 18 (Labour Code – article 121)
  • Overtime performed by part time employees
  • Exceeding the maximum overtime allowed in a month (Labour Code – article 114)
  • Night shifts performed by the employees underage (Labour Code – article 125)
  • Working time input in the period surpassing the contract validity

Besides the predefined validation rules, customized rules can be configured. Customized validation rules:

  • Overtime negative balance – if the overtime performed will be compensated with time off in lieu, the timesheets will be validated considering the time off in lieu should not surpass the overtime performed
  • Timesheets without weekly time off – timesheets with preconfigured schedule with 7 days worked in a raw
  • Daily timesheet with over 12 hours worked – work time exceeding 12 hors
Business rules for monthly timesheet calculation

Within the time management system is introduced the employees’ daily timesheet. Based on the timesheet, the monthly timesheet is calculated, whilst considering certain business rules, as:

  • Overtime performed in a month could be recovered in 60 days; if the overtime was not compensated with time off in lieu, a supplementary payment of 100% is paid
  • Weekend hours are overpaid with different rates, if they are performed during the working time or overtime
  • For business trips over 12 hours the per diem is paid and the meal tickets are not granted

If you have chosen the Time Management for controlling the process for controlling the input and submission processes or in order to standardize the approval holiday request, the implementation step will include the analysis of the company’s specific. Based on the analysis the application will be configured and based on the company’s particularities configured, the users training will be performed. In the post implementation stage, the team will provide support for an efficient integration of the solution.
  • The system is integrated with Sal – Your Payroll Expert, the payroll calculation software
  • The implementation of the timesheet validation types allows the detection and the prevention of the legislative errors
  • The timesheet submission system per authority levels allows the implementation of the timesheet approval system
  • Initiation, approval/denial flow of the vacation request, allows the standardizing of the process
  • E-mail notification assures the system events communication to the users
  • The timesheet planning covers the human resources need of the company

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