Sal – Your Payroll Expert

Sal – your payroll expert

Sal – Your Payroll Expert is a complete payroll software solution. The application is based on a solid legislative study, doubled by the experience of our payroll experts within the payroll field. Sal is a flexible instrument, easy to use, adaptable to legislative modifications and to clients’ specific.


  • specific payroll elements (bonuses, deductions, leaves) and the way these elements are calculated, including net to gross calculation
  • defining the currencies and automatic update of the salaries upon the modifications of the exchange rates
  • defining and updating the length of service grid
  • update of the minimum wage/average economy wage, deduction coefficients, personal deduction amount
  • update of the employee’s and company’s taxes, as well as their calculation formula
  • defining multiple types of agreement and taxations structures

Usual operations

  • input and modification of personnel data and agreements
  • input of agreement modification by addenda, suspensions, secondments
  • holiday input, timesheet adjustment or automatic timesheet calculation
  • advances input, bonuses, deductions, inventory for balance retention and wage retention for the following months
  • medical leave allowances input and calculation according to law provisions
  • calculation of salary rights or of retentions according to the customized calculation formula
  • salary advance, payment clearing and company expenses according to the legislation implemented on multiple types of agreements and taxations

Configurations of reports

  • report generator for the customized payroll statement and reports, with field selection, grouping, totals, page formatting
  • secure or standard pay-slip, with selection from a list of predefined formats
  • excel export configuration
  • template configuration for personnel documents (contracts, addenda, salary certificates, decisions)


  • predefined reports for data mark out within the system: medical leaves, holidays, intermediate payments, timesheet checks or other salary elements, deductions situations sent by postal mandate or transferred on bank account
  • reports based on the employee level or taxes summaries customized through the reports generator
  • standard reports for submission to the competent authorities (112 form, salary certificate, unemployment certificate, employee clearance note, application for amounts recovery from the health office funds, revisal, individual tax records)
  • standard statistics lists
  • personnel documents (employment agreements, addenda, termination decisions, length of service certificates, salary certificate) generated based on predefined templates


  • Interface with the finance and accounting system according to the specifications
  • Payment file
  • Import of wage bonuses or deductions from XLS or DBF in the system
  • Data export from archive
  • XLS export for a configured set of data for a month or a period
  • XLS export for a configured set of data, comparison between two months

Other features

  • Operation facilities per group of employees
  • Audit for salary modification, card account, salary specificities
  • Management of the monthly multiple payments
  • Payroll calculation simulator (gross to net and net to gross)
  • The possibility to manage payroll specificities, including taxes per cost centers and payroll reporting per cost centers
  • The possibility to control the new agreement operations
  • The possibility to configure and calculate complex ways of salary payment (i.e. individual or collective agreement)
  • Emailing pay-slips option

If you chose Sal for human resources’ activities optimization, the actual implementation process will be preceded by an analysis of the company’s needs. Based on our report, we will help you choose the package that best suits your company specific.
The implementation of Sal solution to the company’s premises will imply training for the personnel that will operate the system, as well as post implementation support for an efficient integration of the solution.

The legislative maintenance assures that your solution is updated according to the legislation in force and that you will benefit from our experience and specialized resources when the interpretation of the legislative amendments is provided.

The payroll and human resources activities can be complex and their management could be difficult to handle. That is why the implementation of the application has as primary advantage the efficiency of the human resources department activities.
Other easy to confirm benefits are:

  • User friendly interface
  • Precision when performing the payroll expert calculation according to the legislation in force
  • Safety – data access is allowed only to authorized persons
  • Adaptability – easy to configure, the application can be easily adapted to the company’s specific
  • Minimum operation resources necessary
  • Satisfaction – Salaries are properly and timely calculated and the employees are satisfied
  • Adaptability – the application is updated according to the legislative amendments and the authorities reporting are in accordance with their requirements
  • Professionalism – our specialists provide informative bulletins regarding payroll related legislative changes
  • Commitment – Our team will be at your disposal during the implementation process and after the implementation, providing all the necessary support.

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