The concept: An efficient, with no risks process

SaaS represents the acronym for Software as a Service. Software as a services means a way of software solution implementation through which the user is allowed to access a set of applications without purchasing a license. SaaS services represent an alternative to software purchasing for small, medium or large sized companies. This type of service can be easily adopted considering that it does not involve hardware maintenance and additional support team.

ROMANIAN SOFTWARE offers the entire set of applications, part of the integrated solution Human Resources Planning as SaaS.
Sal – Your Payroll Expert

“Sal – Your Payroll Expert” is the application intended to support the entire process of salary computation (contracts administration, elements configuration, import/primary data input for advance/final payment calculation, salary processing, data export, configuration and specific reports issuance, returns issuance, statistic reports).

Time Management

Time Management is a software application intended to manage the time worked and time off of the employees in an organization.
The time is managed in the system as attendance, vacation requests workflow and also planning/keeping the time per hour type (nightshifts, overtime, statutory holiday, etc.).
The application can be seen as interface for data input linked with the payroll calculation software. However, the software is much more than an interface. The application standardize the data collection process, manages the employees’ time off through a leave requests workflow implementation. Time Management allows defining the employees’ work schedule and automatic calculation of the different types of hours as per the legislative requirements and as per the client particularities. Time Management is integrated with the payroll processing software “Sal – Your Salary Expert”.

Personnel Management

Personnel Management is a solution aimed to support the human resources department, by managing the personnel’s documents.
The application can be seen as interface for personnel administration, in fact it is much more than that. Personnel Management allows the personnel data analysis upon multiple criteria, document issuance (labour contracts, addenda, decisions) and electronic evidence of the employees’ files. The application is integrated with the payroll processing software “Sal – Your Salary Expert”.

Trustworthiness and safety
    • SaaS eliminates the initial investment in software licenses and installation and implementation costs, these being replaced with a monthly fee
    • The operational efficiency increases by shortening the time invested in implementation process and post implementation services
    • No extra cost related to hardware infrastructure, databases are kept on our servers
    • No extra maintenance costs for application and databases servers, administration services are assured by Romanian Software
    • Online system 24/7
    • Safety and data confidentiality are assured through:
      • Data transfer via encrypted connection, similar with data transfer within de e-banking software (SSL)
      • Daily databases backup copies with data storage on our servers
      • Dedicated server with permanent monitoring
      • Network security audit
    • In the monthly fee are included the services for utilizing the software, as well as the support, legislative maintenance and bulletins.

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