About SwissCaps România

SwissCaps Romania is a member of Aenova group, one of the most important pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Aenova group is the result of the merger of the two important companies in Germany in 2008. The group is in permanent expansion, becoming one of the most competitive and efficient pharmaceutical companies, having over 1600 employees in nine location in Europe and USA. Aenova headquarters are established in Munich.

SwissCaps Romania has its headquarters in Cornu, Prahova county and produces pharmaceuticals capsules at a high quality given by international standards imposed by the group.

Initial situation

SwissCaps Romania is a production unit with over 270 employees. The company’s specific is shifts schedule and the group standards that require an efficient organization of the work schedule and the employees in production.

For shifts work schedule, the company needed an application for shifts planning and timesheet completion and for the salary entitlements calculation applicable to a complex work schedule (overtime, weekend hours, statutory holidays, time off in lieu, paid time off, etc.).


The complex solution for the work shifts schedule management and for the implementation of the payroll calculation business rules according to the legal requirements and to the company’s particularities, with automatic calculation and salary transfer were represented by the integrated applications system.

Time management application allowed shifts planning, vacation requests flow, timesheet management per approval levels, customized implementation rules for timesheet validation and implementation of business rules for payroll elements that have correspondent in the payroll application.

Payroll application allowed the configuration of the computation rules in accordance with the particularities of the company and with the configuration of the specific reports.

Upon implementation, the support and maintenance services ensured the system flexibility to payroll policy changes and payroll related legislative changes.


The benefits of the integrated solution implementation consist of:

  • Meeting the SwissCaps objectives to control and plan the employee work schedule
  • Lower payroll costs through optimal planning of the work schedule and time off in lieu management
  • Employees and managers participation to the timesheet and vacation requests flow management
  • Reducing the time allotted for payroll calculation by automatic checking processes, data transfer and computation
  • Transparency in the vacation register (annual entitlement, planned vacation, vacation performed, remaining vacation)
  • Legislative consultancy and promptness of the technical support

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