About Spicul

Ever since 1848, the company Spicul S.A. represents a symbol of the tradition and quality of the milling and bakery products. The company develops production, distribution and commerce activities for its products. The products vary every year, considering consumers trends, by investing in new technologies, logistics and people.

Initial situation

In 2010, the company was searching for a payroll solution in order to ensure a reduced payroll processing period, given the fact that the salary expenses data were needed as soon as possible in order to be analyzed, being a component of the unit production costs and in consequence a component of the selling price of the products.

Having production activities in the factory, transportation, commerce, and manual operations activities, the complexity of the payroll process is very high. The company previously tried several times to replace the multiple payroll systems, but no system succeeded to implement and automate the payroll processes.

Human resources personnel performed multiple manual operations and the payroll processing was performed during the period 1st – 10th of the month.

The company’s management wished to reduce the payroll processing duration at 3 days, in order to allow the production costs and the efficiency and performance per product indicators calculation to be performed as fast as possible, and also in order to be able to take fast decisions, considering the completion of the market segment.


The implementation of the “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” came after 3 failed attempts to implement a suitable software. The system was required to solve the following calculation methods:

  • Payroll system based on global predefined norm, calculated based on production software data
  • Payroll system based on section predefined norm, for the personnel involved in production based on the performance indicators per section
  • Payroll system based on individual predefined norm for persons carrying out manual set up activities
  • Payroll system based on individual predefined norms for drivers, based on defined norms per car type, and based on specific indicators: number of marketing center and number of kilometers
  • Payroll system based on predefined norm for commerce activity, based on the performance indicators

In order to have the basic indicators calculation, there were implemented calculation algorithms for predefined norm payroll system, the integration of a production management software, from which data regarding the quantity of produced items per section and data regarding certain parameters of the transportation activity per driver and per car was extracted.

“Sal – implementation” managed to increase the efficiency in the Human Resources Department, both by customized payroll calculation functionalities and by complex algorithms (for each type of payroll system) and by the implicit reporting functionalities (statements, individual tax record, electronic register of employees). The specific reports automatically generated from the system, in order to outline each calculation system represented another facility of the system, which replaced the manual data processing.

The integration with the production management system reduced the users’ processing time and the result was the reduction of the payroll calculation process from 10 to 3 days, considering that the number of persons within the human resources department was reduced.


By implementing the Sal payroll system, the following benefits were obtained:

  • Monthly payroll process reduced by 70%
  • By decreasing the payroll processing period, the production cost and the performance indicators are calculated in a shorter period of time, assuring a quick access of the management to the information based on which the decision are taken
  • The risk for error was eliminated, as an important proportion from the manual operations was eliminated
  • The costs of the Human resources department were reduced by diminishing the employees number within the department

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