About Pizza Hut, KFC

American Restaurant System is the company holds the Pizza Hut franchise in Romania. The KFC Company is part of the same group, and holder of the franchise bearing the same name.

Initial situation

In 2005 American Restaurant System and KFC were searching for a payroll solution, due to the fact that the company was not satisfied with service maintenance for the existent payroll solution. The company’s human resources department was very well organized, the processes being well defined within a high personnel flow. Both companies were in full expansion, developing their activities across the country. The company had a set of high standards for both clients and providers.. In the same time, the company grants a great important to its employees, thus having a dynamic strategy regarding career development.


Considering the dissatisfaction with the supplier of the existent payroll application, the requirements of the American Restaurant System and KFC with respect to the payroll system were as follows:

  • To adapt the system to the existent processes
  • To allow tracking of the professional evolution of the employees
  • To ensure, in the implementation stage, the data import for all the database history of the companies, in order to ensure the personnel data and the professional evolution of the employees’ completeness
  • To allow the issuance of the payroll costs reporting according to reports of the management requirements
  • To fulfill accuracy requirements of the payroll calculation based on high standards and promptness with regard to the maintenance and support services, as well as professional payroll consultancy
  • By implementing “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” the project’s objectives were met and the post-implementation collaboration was and still is at the same high professional standard.
    Later on, Sal was implemented for another company from the same group: Cinnamon Bake & Roll – company that holds the Cinnabon franchise in Romania and Moldova Republic.


By implementing the Sal payroll solution, the following benefits were obtained:

  • Rapid access to personnel information, contracts and professional evolution of the employees, considering the high personnel flow and the contractual changes dynamic
  • Integration in the Human Resources processes of a system that canto provide, at a high standard, accurate, trustworthy, safe and prompt services

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