About NuclearElectrica

NuclearElectrica is a national company producing 18% of the energy consumption in Romania. NuclearElectrica is one of the most important Romanian companies and the only one producing nuclear energy, national security importance domain, requiring maximum safety conditions, efficiency and concern towards the population and the environment in the near surroundings.

The company is headquartered in Bucharest and coordinates the activity of its branches:

  • Nuclear-electrical power plant branch (CNE) in Cernavodă
  • Nuclear fuel plant branch (FCN) in Piteşti

The nuclear fuel plant (FCN) in Piteşti represents the qualified producer of fuel fascicle type CANDU 6, for Cernavoda power plant. In Romania, the nuclear fuel production began in 1980 and the plant in Pitesti in 1992.

The nuclear energy ensures approximately 18% of the Romanian consumption. The nuclear electrical power plant in Cernavoda is responsible with 1 and 2 units operations, in maximum security conditions, efficiency and concern towards the population and the environment. The two units are producing annually an average quantity of 11 TWh.

Initial situation

For the headquarters of the Nuclear plant was required a professional payroll software, considering the conditions for which the existent software was maintained by a single person, a collaborator of the payroll software provider, situation with a high amount of risk regarding the legislative compliance.

The headquarters and the two branches of the company were independent, for statutory liabilities fulfillment being needed the consolidation of the information from the two databases, the consolidation being the responsibility of the coordinating payroll department. In order to consolidate the returns, the specialists performed manual adjustments of the files, a time consuming process.


“Sal – Your Payroll Expert” provided the warrantee of a professional support granted by a team of well- prepared consultants, legislative maintenance. The implementation of this application and post-implementation services ensures the accuracy of the payroll calculation and its promptness in updating the application in accordance with the legislation in force.

In order to consolidate the statutory returns we developed a processing tool for automatic consolidation without manual intervention.

One year after the implementation of the payroll software system at the Nuclear fuel plant in Pitesti was analyzed. Within FCN the payroll policy was more complex, with production specific, having the time schedule organized in shifts, with specific additional payments for high risk activity.

With the FCN Piteşti software implementation the standardization of the deliverables and a uniform payroll policy were possible.

In January 2011, when the submission of the 112 Form became effective, the consolidation of the returns tool was replaced with a tool that allowed the centralization of the necessary data for the preparation of the 112 Form in two steps:

  • The conversion of the previously required returns from dbf files exported from the Cernavoda old system to xml file format, as required by 112 Form
  • The centralization of the 112 xml files in order to have a centralized return at the company level

The integration with the production management system had a time saving effect, the payroll calculation process reducing from 10 to 3 days, considering as well the reduced number of employees in the human resources department.


Through the implementation of the payroll solution in Bucharest and in Pitesti, the following benefits were obtained:

  • Professional support and legislative maintenance services assuring the accuracy of the calculation and prompt assistance for the software users
  • Deployment of the side modules intended to solve the separation of the payroll administration in the company
  • The uniform communication and payroll policy between the headquarters and FCN branch

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