About MIJA

Mechanical Plant Mija is an ammunition factory in Romania developing activities as a ROMARM branch. The company produces projectiles and hand grenades, as well as cast iron and steel auto subassemblies. The factory was set up in 1938, under the name of “Întreprinderea Română Mecanică și Chimică Mija”, being a joint stock company, with the purpose of producing aviation bombs and aircraft machinegun loader. Up until 1989, at Mija were produced offensive and defensive hand grenades, aviation bombs, antitank missiles, two and four pipes machineguns, reactive projectiles, speed boxes for armored transporters, as well as other small or large dimension pieces. Starting with 1991, the company was absorbed by the new established state company for Military Technique (RATMIL RA), unit under the Industry Ministry subordination.

Initial situation

The main difficulties encountered by U.M. Mija were as follows:

  • Efficient management of over 400 employees
  • Payroll calculation for censors, mandate agreement employees, etc., considering the frequent legislative changes
  • Individual and global norm based payroll system
  • The possibility to introduce work tickets, per each employee/section and the information export to different reports
  • The existence of multiple additional payments and deduction elements: transportation calculated based on the number of kilometers driven per each route, working days, etc.

Confronted with the need to coordinate the activity and modernize the informational human resources system, U.M. MIJA chose the solution offered by “Sal- Your Payroll Expert”.


The solution offered by “Sal- Your Payroll Expert” was developed considering all calculation elements, organizational needs, as well as the company profile.

The solution assumed:

  • The development of the module: Individually/Globally norm based payroll system: the possibility to introduce work tickets; number of performed pieces; hourly rate for each piece, etc.
  • The development of the reporting module for norm based payroll system: individual and global
  • The breakdown of expenses for each cost center based on the type of the payroll system
  • The timesheet transfer was solved by adopting a standard template for time tracking and establishing a processing standard in order to have an efficient process. The users complete the timesheets in the template and the application takes over the document. The payroll calculation is performed exclusively based on the data inserted in the template.
  • Accounting entries transfer was realized by interfacing the financial application


Amongst the benefits brought by the implementation of “Sal- Your Payroll Expert” we mention the following:

  • Export from Sal – Your Payroll Expert to the financial informational system CIEL and automatic distribution per cost centers
  • Simultaneous working of the HR and Financial department, eliminating the redundancy from information transfer and minimizing the time and the resources allotted to the processes
  • Due to the application integration of the necessary algorithms, the payroll elements were optimized, the calculation of the payroll elements being more efficient both by reducing the processing time and by increasing the accuracy
  • Mandatory reports preparation, thus obtaining multiple reports had immediate effect – conducting to a more efficient use of the human resources within U.M. Mija
  • “Sal-Your Payroll Expert” brought dynamism, flexibility and promptness within the payroll and human resources practice

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