About MaxBet

MaxBet is the company with the largest coverage in Bucharest on the electronic gambling market, holding 64 locations spread across the country, of which 47 are in Bucharest and the number is continuously growing.

In June 2010, MaxBet decided to vary its activity by opening a chain of sport bets agencies in order to hold market supremacy for this segment.

Initial situation

In 2011, when MaxBet was in full expansion, the need for a control system and timesheet transfer from the territory based offices. At the same time, taking into consideration the shift schedule of employees, it was imperative to have a system in order to plan the shifts and to manage the employees’ timesheet in order for the salary expenses to be minimized.


In April 2011, MaxBet company decided to purchase the system “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” and the “Time Management” timesheet system.

The decision was based on the utility that the Time Management could bring to the work schedule management process and to the employees timesheet. Also, the solution was based on an integrated system of time management and salary calculation advantage, having insured a bidirectional informational flow through which the system data could be managed in real time.

The implementation process consists of:

  • Implementation of the Payroll processing application within the data import from the existent system
  • Timesheet application implementation within:
    • Configuration of types of application users and timesheet approval levels
    • Configuration of the vacation solicitation flow approval
    • Configuration of the timesheet validation rules
    • Consolidation of the business rules for the management of the overtime, recovered and paid hours
    • Work schedule planning
    • Users’ training

Subsequent to the implementation, the support and maintenance services assured the system’s flexibility to changes in the salary policy and management requirement to simulate work schedules with direct impact on payroll expenses.


The benefits of the implementation project consist of:

  • Reaching the objectives of MaxBet, to control and plan the working schedule of the employees
  • Lower salary costs by optimal planning of the working schedules and overtime recovery management
  • Employees and managers participation to certain human resources flows
  • Legislative consultancy and promptness of the support given to the users

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