About Logistic E van Wijk

Logistic E van Wijk is a European integrated transportation and logistics service provider, having branches in Romania, Holland and Ukraine. The company operates in Holland since 1949, subsequently expanding in Romania and Ukraine.
The company holds a fleet of over 170 de trucks, ensuring the coverage of the main markets in Europe and generating a turnover of over 22 billion Euro.

Initial situation

Having as objective an efficient management of the payroll and human resources processes, E van Wijk looked for a solution in order to optimize these processes by:

  • The system uniformity and the elimination of operational redundancies: an information must be introduced one time, and the system must not allowed the double registration of a document
  • High speed access to information and fast transfer of the information between users: for current operations (data input, windows opening, options selection, etc.) the system was supposed to respond in maximum one second
  • The security, data confidentiality and the possibility to monitor the access to information at the end user level
  • The authorized access of the users to the data structures, as well as the data export/import possibility in other database formats
  • Integration with the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 system


The company chose “Sal-Your Payroll Expert”, due to its functionalities, as well as due to the experience accumulated by the Romanian Software throughout the implementation of complex projects.

The system implementation was performed having as primary objective client satisfaction.

The following functionalities were performed:

  • Interfacing functionalities by using Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Features for users so as to generate different types of personnel documents templates and documents issuing from the payroll software according to the templates configured
  • Implementation of an import timesheet solution for employees
  • Users’ operations audit features
  • Database information delivery and data access for internal data processing


By implementing “Sal – Your Payroll Expert”, the requirements of E van Wijk were entirely satisfied and the benefits did not fail to appear:

  • Following the salary costs per cost centers through the interface between the payroll system and the financial accounting module of the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system
  • Optimizing the data processing time by timesheet import and automatic data consolidation from the work points and branch offices
  • The integration of other applications and external sourced data through import features
  • Data security and integrity by secured access to application and data audit in the system

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