About G4S

G4S is a worldwide leader in providing security solutions, having over 625.000 employees and operating in over 125 countries, 6 continents.
In Romania, G4S group is presented through its companies: G4S Cash Solutions and G4S Secure Solutions.
G4S Cash Solutions is specialized in providing cash transportation and management, ATM supply with cash and 1st level maintenance, having developed the required national infrastructure.
G4S Cash Solutions detains a network of 8 processing centers: Bucharest, Brasov, Bacau, Constanta, Craiova, Timisoara, Galati and Cluj and other 27 operational places at the regional level.

The services offered by G4S Cash Solutions are:

  • Collection and transportation of cash and other values
  • Cash delivery and deposit
  • ATM supply with cash and first level maintenance
  • Precious metals and stones transportation and deposit services

G4S Secure Solutions is the most important security company in Romania, having over 12 years of experience in the field and operations across the entire country. The company is represented at the national level in 160 towns and local coordination at the county level.

G4S Secure Solutions offers the design, installation and maintenance of the electronic surveillance systems, field consultancy and technical security equipment.

The company has over 5.700 employees in the entire country that are psychologically tested, certified and trained by the company.

Initial situation

G4S decided to outsource the payroll and the personnel administration process, having as major objective maximizing the potential and the productivity of its employees by transforming the Human Resources department from an administration department to a strategic contributor to the human capital management.

The project meant not only the outsourcing of the payroll and personnel processes, the project having as primary objective the implementation of an integrated system of human resources management assuring the following:

  • The integration of the human resources activities into an unique information system
  • The employee traceability within the system
  • Internal communication improvement between the employees and Human Resources department
  • Payroll related and other costs management
  • Employees and managers participation in the system, within certain human resources flows
  • Reports editing using a easy to issue generator, without having programing knowledge for a series of reports that are necessary for internal use and issued at the upper level or required by the internal/external clients
  • Configuration and calculation of KPI indicators (HR metrics), containing situations about Turnover, Headcount, Promotions, interdepartmental transfer


Romanian Software has been chosen by G4S group as payroll and personnel administration provider due to the solution and services flexibility, as per the client’s requirements, in line with the client’s processes and standards.

The implementation of the payroll processing, payroll administration and time management applications and the integration with the financial system within G4S group were realized in record time. The implementation was highly difficult considering the G4S group activity, having an important staff turnover, complex salary policy and company’s high standards.

Implementation process consists of:

  • Payroll application implementation with Oracle sourced data import
  • Outsourcing of the payroll and personnel administration services, with specialized G4S personnel on-board in order to ensure a smooth transition
  • Time management system implementation with customized configuration and personalized training for the operational personnel in territory
  • Implementation of the automatic data import system , with data take over from the internal system TimeKeeper through PDA devices
  • The personnel administration application for the personnel documents management (labour contracts, addenda, medical certificates, length of service certificates)
  • Customized reports configuration for the operational management
  • The interface with the financial system Oracle Financial for importing the salary related expenses by cost centers
  • Implementation of the system for sending pay-slips via e-mail, individually and grouped to the team responsible


The payroll and personnel administration outsourcing and human resources management implementation’s benefits consist of:

    • Meeting G4S objectives so as to have efficient and high quality human resources processes
    • Company’s internal human resources focus on strategic human capital management, being released of operational and administrative functions’ burden
    • The employees and managers participation in certain human resources flows
    • Standard and non-standard management reporting with short deadlines
    • Lower costs
    • Calculation accuracy and keeping the delivery deadlines
    • Salaries policy change simulations
    • Legislative consultancy and promptitude in users’ support
    • Online system 24/7
    • Safety and data confidentiality
      • Data are transferred via an encrypted connection, similar with data transfer via e-banking applications (SSL)
      • Daily backup databases
      • Dedicated server with permanent monitoring
      • Network security audit

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