About the Bucharest University

Bucharest University is the biggest educational institution in Romania, with a complex administrative structure, having over 20 faculties and distance educational departments, PhDs and post-PhDs programs, over 200 research projects, over 70 structural and community funds projects, campuses, canteens, research stations, publishing houses and other administrative units defining and managing the complexity of this institution.

Initial situation

In 2009, the payroll system in the Bucharest University proved to be inefficient, having considered the start of the first structural and community funds projects, the research centers becoming wider and the management of the salary related costs being of high importance, considering the multiple financing sources of the University incomes.

Starting with January 2010, first major legislative changes are overseen for the public institutions, along with the unique payroll system Law for public institution publishing.

The existing system only allowed des-centralized operations, the specialists using hard copy files in order to access personal data, the centralization of the information and issuance of the tax statement being a difficult and time consuming process, statistical, personnel situations or other specific reports to Labour and Education Ministry being manually performed and overtime being necessary for finalizing the payroll processing in due time.


“Sal – Your Salary Expert” has been selected initially due to the quality/cost ratio, considering the requirements of the University. Later has been discovered that the amplitude of the legislative changes in the public system area and the new projects with external financing could not have been managed otherwise than through a very flexible and reliable system, able to adapt to the major changes in the University structure and the payroll related legislation, characteristics that represented the advantage of the solution in multiple implementations with high complexity.

In May 2011 the implementation of two different payroll legislative systems was necessary, taking into account that the payroll calculation is differently managed for professors (based on the Law no. 63 applying to professionals in the educational public institutions), and for administrative staff (based on the Law no. 285 applying to public institutions in general)

The system allowed organizing the Human Resources Department by defining templates for multiple types of personnel documents, by managing specific data for the public system and by defining specific taxation rules for the University collaborators (royalties, civil conventions, non-resident personnel, and hourly rates based salaries).

The system integrated the personnel activities from the human resources department and allowed the management of information flow via informational system within the human resources department and other organizational structures of the University.


Through the implementation of the payroll solution, the following benefits were obtained:

  • The control of the situations and periods of legislative instability, situations that validated the flexibility and reliability of the system by:
    • The correct and fast implementation of the multiple payroll related legislative changes
    • Implementation of the public system personnel as per the Unique payroll system law
    • Implementation of the payroll related costs management per cost center, considering that the number of the cost centers grew exponentially together with the research project financed from European funds
    • Structure and electronic management of the personnel information, information previously accessed from the hard copy files archive
    • Personnel standardized documents implementation by creating templates in the system
    • Information redundancy elimination by implementation of an information system allowing the integration of the activities of the multiple users (30 persons) in human resources department
    • Reducing time allotted to payroll processing through the implementation of an interface for data import from the information system of research projects management
    • A high degree of accuracy ensured by the implementation of validation rules, considering the high number of the system users
    • The secure access to the modules and the data in the system through users’ roles and rights in the system
    • Features for diverse situations and salary policies simulations and the impact analysis
    • Professional consultancy and technical support for standardizing and organizing the human resources department processes

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