About Best Foods Productions

Best Foods Productions was founded in Romania in 1994, by Nondas Ohonos, having already an important share on the extruded snacks market in Greece and considering the economic changes, the company moved the operations in Romania as per the economic movements in Europe.

Best Foods Productions managed to become the extruded snacks leader on the Romania market and in addition to expand the operations. More than 50% from the production capacity is exported on the European markets. Together with American Snacks, the Greek sister company in Greece, Best Foods Productions controls an important market share in Balkan Peninsula following an expansion strategy on the European markets.

Best Foods Productions detains one of the biggest industrial equipment in Romania, containing the most modern equipment on the market; hundreds of employees from all over Europe are teaming one of the most ingenious human resources in the snacks industry.

Initial situation

The payroll issues are of the most various, starting with:

  • The wide dimensions of the employee effective and the organizational structure, territorially spread, the management of the few hundreds of employees being difficult considering the multiple work points
  • The timesheet centralization from territory and its processing assumes a long time allotted for input considering the reduced number of employees in the human resources department
  • Considering the economic development of the company, the increase in number of employees assumed an important increase in the personnel efforts


“Sal – Your Payroll Expert” came to prevent the difficulties as follows:

  • Predefined salary certificates and required reports development, that leads to the work volume reduction
  • Technical solution configuration for quick and easy timesheet takeover
  • Interface with the financial accounting application for all the necessary elements in order to outline the payroll related expenses
  • Automatically obtained reports to be submitted to the authorities’ online systems (tax statement, electronic register of employees, statistic lists)

Best Foods Productions chose this solution due to the application flexibility, the capacity to adapt to new rules, as well as price/quality ratio.


  • Using “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” has brought the main advantage of having an automated solution for data transfer to the financial accounting system and data distribution per cost center
  • The integration of the “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” with the internal time tracking system allowed the automatic data transfer and timely data collection from the branches and work points territorially spread
  • Specific configuration of “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” assured the accuracy of the input data through well-defined validation rules
  • The user is not needed to separately prepared by the state institutions
  • Considering the increasing number of employees, the additional effort of the users is minimum, due to automation of the work process
  • The most important benefit brought by the informational solution “Sal- Your Payroll Expert” is the adjustment of the time needed to complete the primary objective – the payroll calculation process, personnel administration and external and internal reporting

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