BERGENBIER SA Company, part of the STARBEV group, produces and markets beer on the Romanian market since 1994, having approximately 1000 employees, a national distribution network and a beer production facility within the StarBev group. The company’s portfolio comprises a multitude of Romanian brands, covering different market segments. Today, Bergenbier is one of the most powerful Romanian brands, having a notoriety of over 95% amongst Romanian consumers.

Initial situation

In 2008, the payroll and personnel administration software within the organization was not able to handle the company’s necessities. The impossibility to simultaneously introduce data from multiple locations led to a very difficult management of the over 1000 employees.

At the same time, in order to have the data processed in due time, a lot of additional interventions were needed, as the old application was not provisioned with automatic data processing features.

The working process was cumbered due to the following facts:

  • the company developed its activities in two different locations
  • the data was manually transmitted from one location to the other
  • data security was also a sensitive issue
  • data reception and transmission times


The “Sal – Your Payroll System” was chosen due to its capacity to be adjusted to the company’s requirements. This solution involved the development of an interface of the “Organizational chart” module with the application “Sal – Your Payroll Expert”. This module allowed the changes performed to the organizational chart to be reflected automatically in the payroll application, thus having the possibility to change units, departments, cost center, etc.

The system allows data input from multiple locations, data being stored on a central server, solution that managed to solve one of the working time issues.

In order to reduce the users work volume, templates for the personnel documents and predefined reports were configured (salary certificates, addenda).

Moreover, in order to shorten input data time, the solution was to integrate the “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” system within an internal timesheet tracking application as well as within the financial accounting system, by designing SAP accounting entries.


  • Data export from the “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” system to the informational financial accounting system SAP and outlining the information per cost centers is performed automatically
  • Facilitate automatic data transfer from the timesheet system, and data consolidation from multiple branches and working places
  • Data import facility, realizing consolidation of data in the same time with the issuance of the accounting entries and the transfer to the financial system SAP
  • “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” provides simplicity and flexibility to the data input and consolidation processes, as well as to the processing and reporting data
  • The work processes were improved through the “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” system
  • “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” represents a complex solution, integrating at different levels the activities adjacent to the personnel payroll and management

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