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With a production of 288.000 tons of primary aluminum in 2008, Alro SA is the biggest aluminum producer in Central and East Europa (except Rusia). Alro SA represents tone of the biggest companies in Romania, having an important contribution at the economic development of the local and national economy. The company is part of the international industrial and investment group Vimetco N.V. developing its activity in aluminum industry. Alro SA is listed at Bursa de Valori Bucureşti. The primary aluminum production capacities are located in Slatina and comprise an electrolysis section, processing capacities, cold and hot rolling mills, extruded section. Alro SA clients are end users and metal traders in Romania and across the globe.

Initial situation

The problems that the company confronts with respect to the payroll and human resources:

  • Management of approx. 3000 employees in two locations
  • Different systems usage in different working places
  • Functionalities limitation offered in salary segment, without human resources requirements coverage
  • High volume of personnel implied in the payroll processing activity


“Sal- Your Salary Expert” application has been chosen due to its capacity to be integrated with other information systems, so that the interdepartmental data flow to be optimal.

Thereby, starting with the timesheet and ending with the accounting entries, all activities are automatically performed.

At the same time, through database consolidation, end users have data access in real time and irrespective of the location.

The system was configured and implemented to maximize the results and to minimize the users’ efforts with minimum data input. The application was integrated with a time keeping application, an accounting software and the Electronic register of employees’ application.


  • The Implementation of the payroll costs management per cost centers
  • The implementation of the standard personnel documents by creating templates in the system
  • Reducing operation time and payroll processing by implementing data import interfaces from the informational system of activities’ management per cost centers
  • The secure access to the software components and to the data, via users’ roles and rights allocation system
  • The solution includes functionalities linked to the payroll calculation, personnel management, human resources management and allows the employees activity efficiency
  • The chosen solution offers an exact and complex image of the payroll related costs, centralized and per cost centers

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