Personnel Management

Personnel Management is a solution that aims to support the human resources department, by managing the personnel’s documents.
The application can be seen as an administration interface for the personnel, in fact it is much more than that. The application contributes to the efficiency increase of the personnel management activity, by quick and standardized documents’ issuance (contracts, salary certificates, decisions)


  • Configuration of personnel management views, through which the visible columns are defined, filter and grouping data criteria. The views are defined in order to allow quick access of the users to predefined or frequently used personnel files
  • Defining types of documents managed in the employees’ electronic file – personal (ID, diploma) or contractual documents (employment contract, addenda, length of service certificates)
  • Documents’ templates configuration in word format, generated based on the information comprised in the database
  • Configuration of the format in which the document will be exported (Word or PDF)

Day-to-day operations

  • Person and allocated contract
  • Contracts’ changes through addenda
  • Terminated contracts
  • Access to personal and contractual data of the employees within the system
  • Employees files visualization according the preconfigured views, through multiple filters

Electronic register

  • Addition of scanned documents to the employee’s file; upon the upload of the documents in the system, identification labels attributed to the document are introduced (document type, series, number, invalidation date, description)
  • Documents’ issuance for the employees based on predefined templates; documents’ templates are configured with basic information from the database and the display rules of the document’s sections is made with multiple possibilities offered by Microsoft Word
  • Document preview, print or e-mail attachment functionalities


All the reports configured by using Sal can also be accessed through the Personnel Management application; these types of reports that can be accessed are:

  • Detailed reports per employees, with personnel and payroll data
  • Centralized reports with configurable detailing and grouping levels
  • Pay-slips

The implementation of the Personnel Management implies an analysis of the client’s processes, types of documents issued and document templates used by the company, from the perspective of the users working within the administration department;

Reporting types and accessible views for the system users, as well as their access authorization to the module and to employee groups, are configured. The Personnel Management application is integrated with the Sal Payroll application and can be used as a personnel data operating interface, data consulting and issuance based on document templates frequently used by the Human Resources Department.
During implementation stage users’ training is included, and during post-implementation stage support for the consolidation and maintenance of the solution is provided.

  • The Sal system is integrated by ensuring the connection between payroll activities and personnel management
  • Allows the standardization of the personnel documents by creating templates
  • Allows the organization of the contractual and personnel documents in electronic format, thus optimizing the access to information
  • Separates the personnel administration activities from the payroll activities and provides dedicated features

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