Personnel leasing ensures a company’s work force that Romanian Software is able to offer, assuring you of the best quality of the selected resources.

Through this service you will benefit of work force for determined periods of time, within various projects initiated by your company, without the need to involve additional administrative efforts that are usually triggered by unplanned projects. You will be able to control the costs and prevent the additional liabilities related to employment relationships. Salaries grid, work schedule and other rights and work conditions will be established based on the beneficiaries’ internal regulations.

Ensuring the resources through personnel leasing services will allow you the continuity within the current activities and efficient and successful completion of the initiated projects. You will benefit of our support at the selection of the best resources needed and our payroll management and consultancy services for the entire duration of the contract.

Leasing personnel that Romanian Software provides consist of the following:

  • Personnel recruitment and selection depending on the clients’ specifications: the period for which the temporary employment is needed, project’s volume – necessary vacant positions with the responsibilities details and the necessary number of persons for each position, work and contractual conditions
  • Preparation of all the necessary documents for each hired person
  • Payroll and personnel administration services for the employees within the project, as well as consultancy for the entire contract period
  • Predefined reports as agreed at the leasing contract start, regarding estimation and structure of costs, other entitlements received as per the labour contract for the temporary employed personnel

Temporary employment is a very advantageous solution in order to ensure necessary labour resources, no matter the field of activity, the company’s HR structure and volum.

Personnel leasing services will eliminate additional administrative efforts needed in order to recruit, select and train the necessary resources, as well as managing a high volume of human resources for the entire duration of the labour contract, the temporary employment agent being able to offer properly qualified personnel in due time in order to conduct projects without delays or interruptions.

Personnel leasing will allow the decrease and distribution of cost, is a solution for eliminating the administrative burden, payroll and personnel administration management and allows the relief of the responsibilities and risks related to direct employment relationships.

Personnel leasing services use will let you allocate your human and time resources towards core activities.

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