Performance Management


Performance Management supports the performance evaluation process within a company, offering the customization process upon a business model. The application allows building in detail the evaluation process, detailing the necessary elements and flows and connects with the rest of the platform’s components, by transferring data related with training needs and the level of the rewards granted.

Defining the evaluation process structure and configurations

  • Defining the competencies, behavioral indicators, behaviors’ profiles
  • Competencies allocation to employees’ profiles
  • Defining and setting business, unit and individual objectives
  • Defining KPIs for measuring the business, unit and individual objectives completion
  • Objectives cascading towards inferior levels: Business objectives towards unit objectives, unit objectives to individual objectives
  • Evaluation types configuration – competencies and objectives, mirroring them in the final rating
  • Configuration of the main involved actors per type of evaluation and evaluation component (competencies evaluation through 360 degree tool)
  • Granting access for completion and review of feedback forms

Evaluation process and development plan

  • Evaluation session initialization
  • Starting evaluation process
  • Feedback form completion
  • Evaluation session status, evaluation form completion status, statistics
  • Ongoing evaluation sessions view by the involved actors
  • Individual result of the evaluation session view
  • Subordinates’ evaluation session result view
  • Evaluation session finalization view
  • Feedback form validation and centralization
  • Centralizing the results regarding the objectives and competencies related rankings
  • Additional notes completion on the evaluation forms
  • Personal development plan (defining actions for the next period, trining needs, objectives)
  • Evaluation documents issuance (evaluation form, personal development plan)
  • Results view within the employees’ evaluation forms
  • Observations completion on the evaluation forms

Automations and notifications

  • Notification of the users involved in evaluation process at the process start, in order to set up the objectives
  • Notification at the feedback form issuance in order to complete it
  • Automatic issuance of the feedback forms based on the preset objectives and competencies, at the evaluation session start
  • Feedback form distribution at the issuance
  • Reminder for feedback form completion
  • Automatic calculation of the rankings per assessed components, automatic calculation of the final score at the end of the assessment
  • Employees notification at the end of the evaluation sessions
  • Individual, units and business objectives’ evaluation scores statistics
  • Average scores per units’ statistics

The application flexibility allows custom design of the performance assessment process, considering the smallest details, each stage within the process being transposed on the platform.

Automation and customization of the assessment process will improve the process by eliminating the administrative burden of managing an impressive volume of hard copy documents, the electronic issuance, completion and storage being possible by eliminating the time allocated for individual communication of the individual actions within each stage of the process, the system automatically notifying the actors involved in each stage, by automatic reports issuance regarding the evaluation results, as well as the link with the rest of the human resources practices, the platform being support for an integrated human resources practice.

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