ROMANIAN SOFTWARE solution for payroll outsourcing implies more than standard services. We are software developers and we add value to our services through our software use along with the outsourced processes.

Operational payroll services

The services provided by ROMANIAN SOFTWARE during the payroll outsourcing process are:

  • Primary data collection from client interfaces
  • Data processing and validation
  • Calculation of the salaries and related taxes
  • Payroll statement and other reports preparation
  • Meal tickets order preparation
  • Preparation of the register for meal tickets distribution
  • Accounting entries preparation upon client specifications
  • Payment file for salary payment as agreed with the bank
  • Statistics institute reports preparation
  • Preparation and submission of the statutory returns as required by the legislative provisions
  • Preparation of payment orders for salary related taxes payment
  • Salaries and related taxes direct payment – upload in the online bank system
  • Preparation and submission of 100 and 102 forms
  • Confidential pay-slips printing and distribution
  • Preparation and submission of the annual income informative returns
Operational personnel administration services

The services provided by ROMANIAN SOFTWARE within the externalization of the personnel administration process are as follows:

  • Employees’ access to Employee Self Service portal
  • Employees’ access to Personal Management application
  • Personnel files administration
    • Labour contracts
    • Addenda
    • Termination decisions
  • Employees certificates issuance
  • Labour books completion by qualified and authorized personnel
  • Electronic register of employees preparation and submission to the territorial Labour Inspectorate portal
  • Ensuring the relationship with the authorities
Payroll processes analysis and software applications implementation

The payroll process outsourcing initialization implies the following steps:

  • Detailed analysis of the payroll process
    • Salary elements analysis and payroll policy
    • Detailed analysis of the client requirements for software applications development
    • Establishing the entry data and interfaces for data collection
    • Establishing the output data and deliverables (reports format, the integration with the accounting application, bank files format)
    • Data flow analysis and approval levels
    • Establishing the users, roles, software access rights
  • Software application configuration and the development of the specific client requirements
  • Data migration from the payroll system in the new system ”Sal – Your Payroll Expert”
  • Payroll processing testing (entry data input/import, payroll processing, results comparison, the analysis and adjustments of the eventual mismatches
  • Users training for using the software applications
  • Establishing the communication protocol and working procedures, the timeline for receiving data and providing the deliverables
  • Outsourcing process simulation for a month (using the interfaces for primary data input, payroll processing, output data analysis, process improvement)
  • Outsourcing process LIVE
Technical support for software applications utilization

ROMANIAN SOFTWARE offers the following services related with the software programs at the clients’ disposal:

  • Technical assistance for software applications offered by ROMANIAN SOFTWARE
  • Support for using the software programs – user manual, live assistance regarding the utilization of the software program
Software platform within the outsourcing process

The integrated application solution for human resources departments’ activity and payroll activity , was developed and consolidated based on an important expertize in the human resources field and a 10 year experience in payroll software implementation in companies having their core domain: banking, real estate, energy, food, media, services, production, distribution, state budget
With each implementation the system has developed, improved and the experience gained allowed us to develop additional application in order to be able to meet our clients’ needs and to offer an integrated and complete solution for the human resources management. Human resources are the most important resource in a company. A proper human resources management can assure the performance and the efficiency of the company’s activity.
By developing us in the direction of the outsourcing services, the integrated applications system developed with incorporated communications equipment between ROMANIAN SOFTWARE as provider and the software beneficiaries. The software development and improvement process is permanent.
The software applications that will be at the clients’ disposal along the outsourcing process are:

Sal - Your Payroll Expert
“Sal – Your Payroll Expert” is an application that aims to support the entire process of the payroll calculation (contracts administration, elements configuration, and import/primary data input for advance/final payment calculation, salary processing, data export, configuration and specific reports issuance, returns issuance, statistic reports). In order to perform the salary calculation, the software will be configured as per the client specification. Furthermore, the interfaces with the accounting software and bank files will be developed as per the client’s instructions. “Sal – Your Payroll Expert” will be the software platform for salary calculation that the Romanian Software specialists will use for the salary processing.
Time Management
Time Management is a software application that aims to manage the employees’ timesheet within an organization.
The time is managed in the system as attendance, vacation requests workflow and also planning/keeping the time per hour type (nightshifts, overtime, statutory holiday, etc.).
The application can be seen as interface for data input linked with the payroll calculation software. However, the software is much more than an interface. The application standardize the data collection process, manages the employees’ time off through a leave requests workflow implementation. Time Management allows defining the employees’ work schedule and automatic calculation of the different types of hours as per the legislative requirements and as per the client particularities. Time Management is integrated with the payroll processing software “Sal – Your Payroll Expert”.
Personnel Management
Personnel Management is a solution aimed to support the human resources department, by managing the personnel’s documents.
The application can be seen as interface for personnel administration, in fact it is much more than that. Personnel Management allows the personnel data analysis upon multiple criteria, document issuance (labour contracts, addenda, decisions) and electronic evidence of the employees’ files. The application is integrated with the payroll processing software “Sal – Your Payroll Expert”.
Collaboration is a communication system between the system’s users, defined by the organizational structure of the company. The system allows communication via text, audio, video messages, and desktop split, as well as allows the documents’ transfer in a standardized and secure way.

Trustworthiness and safety
  • We offer quality services that reduce costs related to payroll and personnel administration processes
  • We take over the responsibility associated to the computations and reporting, cancelling the associated risks implied by the legislative interpretation
  • We assure the confidentiality and data security of the information
  • The allotted time for payroll and personnel process can be redirected towards your core activities
  • Our specialists offer informative bulletins regarding the payroll related legislative changes
  • A dedicated team at your disposal
The payroll and personnel administration services advantages offered are:

Integrated software platform

Romanian Software is a software development company focusing on human resources management field. Romanian Software ensures the technical support, legislative maintenance, and software customization for over 200 clients throughout more than 10 year of professional service. Romanian Software support team is dedicated in assuring the applications maintenance, new features development, software update with the occasion of the frequent legislative changes and prompt interventions when the situation requires.
By outsourcing the payroll and personnel administration processes you benefit of the standard services, a technical team that supports the good run of the processes and the applications shaping upon your processes.

Professional team

In order to offer quality services, experienced professionals are required. The Romanian Software team assuring the payroll and personnel administration outsourcing services comprises:

  • Experienced specialists in payroll field
  • Payroll consultants with experience in payroll implementations
  • Human resources management consultants with strategic human resources management expertize
  • Labour law and taxation expertise consultants
Continuous improvement of the services process by implementing new applications

Romanian Software can offer flexibility and innovation within the payroll and personnel administration services offered, having the support of a development team involved in the permanent improvement of the existent software applications, the new ones designed and the related processes efficiency increase.

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