Libra Internet Bank selects Time Management component of the Human Resources Planning solution, offered by Romanian Software

Libra Internet Bank collaborates with Romanian Software since 2008, period during which the company benefited from the payroll calculation component “Sal –Your Payroll Expert” of the Human Resources Planning solution. The complex and customized solutions, as well as the services offered with professionalism by the Romanian Software team, determined Libra Internet Bank to extend this partnership by choosing the integration of Time Management component with payroll computation component, in order to optimize the processes in the human resources department.

These two components are part of the integrated solution Human Resources Planning, a Romanian Software product.

Within the Time Management component the working time can be planned and track, the software being customizable depending on the work organization specific and in the same time allows tracking and simplification of the vacation flow, by introducing and approving vacation solicitations. Time Management works as an interface as well, for timesheet input in the salary calculation component, these two components being synchronized, eliminating redundancies in timesheet input, eliminating human errors of processing by validation of the input data, as well as by automatic e-mail notification of the events needing user actions.

The solution implementation and testing were successfully finalized and Libra Internet Bank will benefit from the post implementation services, support and maintenance in order to assure an optimal function of the Human Resources Planning solution.



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