Having an advanced expertize in individual taxation and labour law fields, our HR consultants, can assist you with complex solutions. You can benefit from our specialists expertize by addressing specific requests or by helpdesk subscriptions.

  • Assistance during labour and fiscal inspections, support in the preparation of the documents required by the inspectors, as well as the company’s representativeness in relation with the authorities
  • Labour law consultancy, solutions for the correct interpretation of the labour legislation provisions support for the preparation and the review of the internal regulations, as well as aligning the corporate staff handbooks with the local legal provisions, assistance during the collective negotiations and support for the preparation of the necessary documents for each step of the process
  • Consultancy in the individual taxation field – benefits’ taxation, tax structures, comparative analysis, hypothetical calculations and budgets, fiscal risk analysis, the eligibility in order to obtain fiscal exemptions analysis, benefit packages optimization
  • Payroll taxes review – for the companies with the payroll practice in-house or outsourced at a different provider, we review the taxes and social security contributions calculation, correlation between the payroll calculation with the monthly returns, accounting entries and the taxes payment. The review can be performed occasionally or periodically, for periods up to 5 years – statute of limitation for fiscal debts, or prior to business acquisition or transfer.
Romanian Software organizes the following training sessions, seminars and workshops:

  • Customized legislative trainings within the labour law and taxation fields, adapted to client’s specific needs – at your company’s premises
  • Seminars during which legislative amendment are debated, overcoming the need to correctly apply the legislative amendments
  • Workshops on different themes with case studies and interactive discussions, in which the specialists in the human resources field can assimilate in depth certain legislative aspects and their application in practice

We offer legislative trainings at request, with a preliminary analysis of your needs, we can adapt the below thematic to your business particularities:

Benefits packages granted to employees based on the contractual relationship
  • Salary packages
  • Salary and the related taxes
  • Benefits in kind
    • Evaluation of benefits
    • Benefits’ taxation. Exemptions
    • Salary packages optimization
  • Case studies
Remuneration structures
  • Types of collaborators
  • Juridical framing of the independent activities
  • Taxation of incomes from the independent activities
  • Statutory obligations and payment deadlines
  • Optimal structures for collaborators remuneration
  • Case studies
Individual labour contract
  • Individual labour contract
    • Duration of contract
    • Informing the employee with respect to the contract clauses
    • Labour contract concluding
    • Labour contract modification
    • Labour contract suspension
    • Labour contract termination
  • Case studies and jurisprudence
Labour legislation in Romania and EU
  • Working time and time off
  • Overtime
  • Salaries
  • Case studies and jurisprudence
Collective bargaining
  • Collective labour agreements
    • Representativeness
    • Collective labour agreements bargaining
    • Collective labour agreements concluding
    • Clauses in the collective agreements
  • Internal regulation (Staff handbook)
  • Case studies and jurisprudence
Medical leaves
  • Insured persons and the contributory period required
  • Medical leaves types
  • Granting conditions and medical leave allowance calculation
  • Medical leave allowance taxation
  • Case studies

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