Enterprise social network


Enterprise Social Network is the social area of the integrated software solution Human Resources Planning. The application is available in the users’ personal space, integrating notifications, chat and calendar and is an easy way to communicate within the company. Users are able to communicate, transfer documents, as well as consulting their personal calendar with all the deadlines integrated directly from the applications within the platform.

  • Possibility to launch messages through the platform to an user, a group or all the users.
  • Possibility to attach documents to the messages, linked directly to the page that allows actions associated with the documents
  • All the notifications view with the possibility to access links to the page in which actions notified can be performed
  • Personal calendar access, automatically populated with deadlines occurred within the HR processes integrated into the platform as well as new activities scheduling
  • The possibility to rapidly communicate via chat with other platform users

The application allows instant access to other applications, through the link attached to notifications received, access that will allow the user to rapidly perform the required actions. This way, the efficiency of the HR processes increase by reducing the time needed to complete tasks.

Being a communication tool, the application eliminates space, hierarchical and organizational barriers, facilitating a good collaboration within the company.

Friendly interface and the possibility to appreciate the posts of other users, easy access to any user within organization will help building informal, close and authentic relationships between team members.

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