Personal files of the employees scanning

The service involves scanning the personal files of the employees at our premises. The result of the personal files scanning is a set of .PDF files, organized by the document type. The files will be named upon an agreed standard (i.e. Labour contract – [Employee name]_LC_[No_starting _date]; addenda – [Employee name]_A_[Addenda_No])
Depending on the clients’ request, the delivery plan is set:

  • Scanning the personnel files that are considered a priority
  • Monthly scanning of a pre-established number of files depending on the clients’ budget and the planning for the duration of the entire process of finalizing the electronic archive
  • Scanning the documents for the current month, as maintenance activity of the electronic archive
The electronic file

Access solution with index search per type of document, employee or filtering criteria based on the organizational structure.
.PDF files scanned can be organized in a personnel electronic archive that can be accessed through multiple filtering criteria.
The archive can be accessed in a secure way, having user and password, with access right for the employee’s files with visualization rights.

Solution for output data based on clients’ request

Document output based on client request can be done through an interface at the client disposal, the client can access the documents archive. The selection can be performed by using a set of filtering criteria (document type, organizational units, functions, personnel groups, activity). The user sends the request and receives an archive .ZIP with the files from the electronic archive corresponding to the filtering criteria.

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