Document Management is a component of the Human Resources Planning software platform managing all the HR documents within the organization. All the documents needed for carrying the HR activities can be configured, issued and store on the Human Resources Planning platform through Document Management.

Document Management allows the configuration of the documents’ templates with the help of a Microsoft Word integrated tool, based on the information stored within the database that will be displayed in certain sections of the documents. Each predefined template can be associated to a certain type of document and depending on the HR process for which is needed, the document will be issued from the menu of the specific application supporting that process.

The documents issued for a certain person in the company will be stored in the electronic file of that person and each document can have a second version, representing the scanned version of the document previously signed and stamped.

At the issuance of a document, the application will associate a barcode containing all the unique details based on which, upon signing, the document will be transferred directly in the database, as signed version.

The platform allows storing any format of document (doc, pdf, xls, jpg, txt, etc.). Scanned documents will be saved on the database depending on the document type and can be found upon the unique details of the person and the document.

  • Document Management is integrated as Microsoft Word Add-In, allowing templates’ design directly in Microsoft Office (documents’ issuance does not require MS Office licence)
  • Document template is customized through Word formatting tools, documents can include tables, computations formulas, groups and totals
  • Document Management allows the issuance and the storage of the documents in the database
  • At the issuance of a document, an unique barcode is provided, based on which, upon signing, the scanned document will be stored in the electronic file of the employee, as new version of the document
  • Any type of document can be stored (doc, pdf, xls, jpg, txt, etc.)
  • The component allows advanced filter possibilities
  • Documents needed in HR processes that are integrated on the platform can be accessed via Document Management
  • The application allows configuration of notifications regarding deadlines for concluding, modifying or terminate a contract

Document Management is a component needed for any HR process, allows the configuration of all the documents needed in the HR processes of the company, in order to be issued from the platform based on the employees’ data, as well as storing the data from the personal files of the employees in any format. The needed documents will be configured within the implementation process and will be associated to a template, that is available in the menu of the application supporting the process for which the document was created. Technical support and maintenance services are provided post implementation.

  • Document Management assures the personnel documents’ uniformity and allows a better organization of the HR processes
  • Increases the HR department efficiency by reducing the time to issue documents (labour contracts, addenda, salary certificates, length of service certificate)
  • Allows storing the documents in electronic format, facilitating easy access to the documents, that are easy to be found through advanced filtering possibilities, without worrying about the storing space, documents being stored on the provider’s servers, with backup solutions and high security
  • Increases the inter-dependency degree between practices, and the communication at the HR department level and within the entire company

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