The story begins with… we were young, we were involved in the software industry and we were good at it. We had a dream: to create something important and to make our work matter. We still have that dream, we are still following our path and we have created something important. We have created the brand; we have gained a lot of experience and we are happy when we are praised by our clients and when they are satisfied with our outcomes. And we can say that we have made a lot of clients happy…

We have started by creating a payroll product. In time, we have learned that there are no identical companies, thus we have developed a flexible and easy to configure software. We have implemented the product with the same enthusiasm and energy for each client. We have treated each client as being unique, special and with important needs and useful experience in which we conduct our activities.
We continued with a time management product. We have learned that people are the most important resource of a company and that the time they invest in the company’s needs has to be efficiently used and compensated. We have developed this product based on our clients’ experience, as well as on our experience and desire to create something special and useful.
We have listened to our clients and developed a personnel administration product. We wanted to transform the labour law bureaucracy into a much more pleasant activity, in order for the human resources specialists to focus more on employees and not on the documents they need to draft. And we have succeeded.

We have gathered a lot of experience and created a service division for payroll and personnel administration. The clients that chose to outsource the services received in return, along with the standard services, specialized consultancy, professional legislative opinions, information systems customized depending on the client’s specific and on the warranty of the services’ accuracy.

We offer our products, software solutions in SaaS regime; we have excellent data security solutions, we offer support for our products’ implementation and we treat each client with the same attention as at the beginning of our collaboration.
And we are not going to stop here. We are still developing products and services within the Human Resources Field. This field is fascinating because it ensures people management, the most important capital of a company, and a company that grants attention to the Human Resources Field has all the chances to accomplish business objectives.

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